Bioclimatic architecture

In this Blog, we will present the main existing concepts on bioclimatic architecture, bio-construction, sustainable architecture and other designations used to refer to such architectural movement closely linked to respect for the environment and which has, as main objective, to make the most of the resources offered to us by nature, minimizing the impact from the building process.

Currently we have enough knowledge and resources to create buildings with high energetic efficiency, therefore the combination of building systems that promote the reduction of energy demand in buildings, in combination with renewable energy sources helps to achieve the ultímate goal or target of this type of building, Net Metering. This means, that the objectives set at the European level for 2020 of reducing consumption in buildings to zero, would be achieved.

Nowadays there is a very important tendency urged from european level, which is to reduce and decrease ecological footprint, emissions of greenhouse gases and the increasing energy overconsumption that buildings are demanding lately. According to European sources «40% of the total energy consumption in the European Union is due to buildings.»

We will also carry out an assessesment focusing on the termal characteristics of different building materials and elements of the building termal envelope, in order to collect more detailed information on which we can rely to determine which materials are most desirable from the point of view of a sustainable level and energy efficiency.

Finally, we will analyze the current legislation, among which we’ll highlight the current national requirements regarding the energetic certification of buildings efficiency, analyzing it so that we can get to know it in more detail, and last but not least we will also try to explain as why energetic rehabilitation is the best solution in this field, to meet the demanding goals that await for us in the future.

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